Shark Tank S01E02 HDTV

Shark Tank S01E02 HDTV

Episode 102 is the second episode of the first season of Shark Tank.

Synopsis Edit

Companies/products include Crooked Jaw, Lifebelt, A Perfect Pear, Sticky-Note Holder, and Classroom Jams.

Crooked Jaw Edit

Origin Edit

Craig French is the founder of Crooked Jaw, so named because of Craig breaking his jaw in high school. It turned into a successful business with many sponsors, and was mainly focused on kids. Craig himself is living with his mom, who supports him all the way and inspires them to keep going.

Meeting With The Sharks Edit

Craig is requesting a $200,000 stake for 20% equity of his company. He talks about how his company has currently sold over 1500 units of MMA merchandise to young kids and recently opened an online shop. His T-Shirt designs are based on his experience when his jaw broke. Daymond is concerned that the stores only been in Long Island, and Craig reveals he organized a trade show in San Diego, but had no orders during the event, which disappoints the sharks. The company has also sponsored major MMA events, but the sharks are still not happy since apparently, any company could do that. Robert, unimpressed, asks how much money the company made, and with Craig saying they made $5,000 in sales last year, that was the final straw.

Sharks' Decision Edit

All 5 sharks are out.

Cast Edit

Kevin Harrington

Daymond John

Kevin O'Leary

Barbera Corcoran

Robert Herjavec

Craig French

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